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Julianne Hough reveals how she manages her endometriosis symptoms

The professional dancer relies on her hot water bottle to help ease her pain

Julianne Hough
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Actress Julianne Hough sleeps with a "boiling baby" hot water bottle to relieve her endometriosis pain. The Footloose star recently opened up about her struggle with the disease in a bid to help others who are suffering from the painful condition and she is now offering insights into how she copes with the pain when symptoms flair up during her menstrual cycle.

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"(I take) a hot bath. I have a hot water bottle that I call the boiling baby, and I sleep with it and put it next to me," the 29-year-old tells Health magazine. "Also, stretching and almost breaking a little bit of a sweat (helps with the pain). You don't have to, like, go for a run, but just getting my heart rate up helps with the blood flow."

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough has opened up about how she manages her endometriosis

Professional dancer Julianne makes it a point to chill out too whenever she feels her body needs a little downtime. "Sometimes I don't want to work out, and so sometimes I don't," she shares. "Sometimes I'm just like, 'I deserve a day off - I'm fine'. But sometimes I'm like, 'No, come on, I know I'm gonna feel better afterward'. The end result is always the best. There's never been a time I've finished a workout and been like, 'I totally regret doing that'."

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Julianne reveals her workout goal is always the same - to feel like a normal and functioning person: "When I don't work out, I can tell I'm not as limber, I'm not as quick, my brain's not as sharp. When I'm physical, I'm like, 'Aaah! I'm free!'" she smiles. "I feel 'blah' when I don't feel free, and I feel free when I'm working out." The star also drinks juices and smoothies to ensure her body is nourished and strong enough to battle endometriosis pain.

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