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Confessions of an Angel: Erin Heatherton shares devilish tips for looking lingerie-model good

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She is the top model and Victoria's Secret Angel  whose heavenly body has caught the eye of Oscar de la Renta, Diane von Furstenberg and Tommy Hilfiger. So when 23-year-old Erin Heatherton offered to spill some beauty and fitness secrets of her own while promoting the lingerie brand in London, how could HELLO!'s beauty editor, Nadine Baggott, resist?  

Erin Heatherton

Erin, you recently helped launch Victoria's Secret in the UK – how was that?"The London launch is a huge moment for the brand and such a milestone for everyone involved. I was incredibly honoured and really excited to be asked to become an Angel. It felt really special to be part of the Victoria's Secret family." It also means that staying in shape is a must. Do you enjoy working out, and what fitness regime works best for you? "My background was always playing sports at high school. I was always an athlete – I played basketball [she’s 5ft 11in] and ran track, so staying in shape for modelling is second nature for me. Working out gives me the opportunity to let go and listen to my music; it's a big stress reliever. I run for half an hour and then do yoga – it's a golden combination for me and when I travel it's a great way to see a city." Do you diet or eat whatever you like?"I once met Cindy Crawford and she said to me, ‘It's not just about working out, it's most important to watch what you eat.' That changed my perspective because it really is about eating the right things. You can't be too hard on yourself if you work out and eat right most of the time, though. I'm gluten free, but that still allows me some chocolate!" Are you a beauty addict? "Yes. I always have been. I love the process of getting my make-up and hair done, and I'm a real product hoarder." What are the best professional make-up tips you have picked up in your modelling career? "The artists I work with are all so talented. For Victoria's Secret shoots I frequently work with Fulvia Farolfi and Shay Ashual and they've taught me how to use a little highlighter on the inner eye, cheekbones and collar bones." Any the skincare essentials that you cannot live without?"Washing my face is a must – I wash my face at least twice a day – and I use Dr Colbert Facial Discs. I also use Rodin body oil after I shower to ensure my skin stays hydrated."

Erin Heatherton

Do you have a favourite scent?"I've been wearing Love is Heavenly by Victoria's Secret ever since it launched in April. It's light, feminine and smells so romantic." What inspires you and when are you happiest? "Music inspires me. I also get inspired by the people I love, and I'm happiest when surrounded by my friends. I love relaxing and being myself with my friends, especially when we're having dinner with good wine."You have a dream job. What's the best thing about being a Victoria's Secret Angel? "My friends; some of my best friends are the people I work with. Going on set and feeling like you are with your family is a really rare thing in this industry. And I get to raise awareness of a charity called Global Poverty Project. My involvement in the organisation has been enlightening and has opened a whole new chapter of my life. It's taught me a lot about myself and how I can use my voice to help others." And finally, do you think that beauty comes from within? "I know it does. When I feel confident, I always look my best. Inner beauty radiates from within and there's nothing more beautiful than when a woman feels beautiful on the inside."

• Victoria's Secret is now open in London's Bond Street and Westfield Stratford City.

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