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Victoria Beckham: There's no make-up for baby Harper

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Victoria Beckham looks absolutely immaculate every time she steps out of the house, but the fashion designer has revealed she never puts make-up on in front of her daughter Harper in a bid to stop her growing up too quickly.Speaking to the Sun, Victoria admitted, "I can't put make-up on when Harper's around because she would join me immediately."And despite having lots of mother and daughter time together, Victoria also revealed her little girl is "a tomboy towards her brothers", Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.


Now a busy mum-of-four and a top fashion designer, you might think Victoria has enough on her plate. But at the start of the year, she confessed she would still "never say never about another baby".

"It's a juggling act — a career, family, a husband who's busy," she said. "But I'd never say never!"

Certainly her children seem to be getting used to having parents in the public eye. Victoria, 39, recently revealed a touching moment with her youngest son Cruz, who asked why it was good to be famous. "When you're famous, you have a certain power to do good things" she replied.

"That is how we started talking about charity. Cruz was really sweet and said, 'When people listen to what I say, I could spread some good messages."

Of her elder sons, Brooklyn and Romeo, Victoria acknowledged that her "kids are under alot of pressure to perform." While Romeo, 10, is currently the face of French fashion house, Burberry, his older brother Brooklyn, 14, has been linked to Queens Park Rangers Football Club.

"I don't want to pressure them," continued their mother. "They should be keen and reach as much as possible. But the most important thing is they are happy".

"They lead a very privileged life but they don't get everything they ask for. We always tell them how lucky they are"

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