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Solange's make-up artist reveals her Coachella beauty secrets

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Singer Solange avoided a makeup meltdown during her sizzling performances at the Coachella festival last weekend by shunning foundation. The Cranes in the Sky hitmaker's make-up artist Dana Delaney pulled out all the tools in her cosmetic kit to ensure the star's face remained impervious to the intense heat during her clients' two shows.

Solange Knowles

Shine-free: Solange performed twice at Coachella last weekend and looked fantastic

"It was, like, 112 degrees this weekend, and also really hot last weekend (when Solange performed)," Delaney tells New York Magazine's the Cut. "In situations like that we try to avoid using any type of foundation on skin." The beauty professional also managed to heatproof Solange's skin by skillfully supplying her pores with moisture where necessary.

"I assessed her skin first to see where she needed moisture and where she didn't," Dana reveals. "I cleansed her skin with Bioderma's water cleanser, and then I used Bioderma's hydrating serum. I used that around the face and not in the centre. In the centre of the face I like to use a mattifying gel, like Givenchy's Mister Mat, and that helps absorb any sweat and control shine.

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The singer looked radiant in a snap she shared on Instagram last week

"To get a little extra moisture without adding a heavy moisturiser, I like to use a hydrating spray. I usually use Urban Decay's B6 Prep and Priming Spray. Since I wasn't using any foundation, I wanted to make sure her skin looked healthy and primed. "There's really nothing you can do to control sweat, but you can mask shine."

Delaney also prefers to avoid powders when she is prepping a client for the summer. "When powder mixes with sweat, it starts to separate, and it doesn't look as smooth and clean," she details. "I'd rather use a mattifying gel - that works better and feels a lot lighter on the skin in the summertime.

"With sweat you want to remove it, not mask it. Blotting with either blotting papers or a paper towel will always be better than putting makeup on top of sweat. You're essentially making the problem worse and making a breeding ground for bacteria."


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