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Here's how to take the perfect summer selfie

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Alex Light
Alex LightBody Work Columnist
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Our Instagram feeds are chock full of inflatable flamingos, exotic cocktails, bikini shots and, of course, beautiful summer selfies. Want to get in on the action? We've compiled some top tips, with the help of online hair and beauty retailer Hairtrade, to get you summer selfie ready...1. Use cream productsIf you’re searching for that perfect #nofilter holiday selfie, then use cream-based products, including liquid foundations, highlighters, blushers and bronzers. Powder-based products tend to pick up on lines and creases on front-facing cameras, while creamy products will keep you looking flawless in natural lighting.

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2. Wear lots of highlighterNo matter how good your lighting is, make sure you add some highlighter to your cheekbones, nose, cupids bow and under the eyebrow. Even in dark environments, highlighter will always allow you to catch the light and will make sure your summer selfies sparkle.3. Make the most of the breezeIf you’re taking an outdoor selfie, try snapping the picture when you can get a summer breeze on your face and in your hair. Or, if you’re inside, sit in front of a low-level fan. The breezy air will stop the sweat beads from forming on your forehead, whilst also giving you a Hollywood ‘wind through the hair’ look. #winning4. Curl those lashesTo ensure a great selfie, you need to make your eyes pop. To do this, make sure you curl your eyelashes before snapping your selfies. Waterproof mascara is also great if you’re out in the sunshine but still want to add a little something to your eyes.

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5. GlistenA bit of moisturiser or SPF can make your skin look glossy and accentuate your features. Make sure you are adding a bit to your skin, especially near your collarbone, to keep it glowing.6. Try different angles and lightingMost of us have a good side, but try experimenting by tilting your head, as this can make the picture more interesting than just a straight shot. It’s also important to play around with lighting, especially if you’re taking your selfie outdoors in the natural light. Experiment between shots in the shade and shots in the direct sunlight.7. Find a great backgroundIf you’re on holiday then it’s important to show it! Try being creative with your background. Whether it’s palm trees, the waves crashing onto the shore or a late-night sunset, work with the scenes that surround you.8. Keep hydratedWith or without make-up, dry or dehydrated skin will always show up in selfies. Make sure during your holiday or through the British heat you are applying extra-hydrating moisturiser daily. It’s also important to drink plenty of water.

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