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Rose McGowan is launching a make-up line

The Charmed actress has been working on the venture for ten years

Rose McGowan hbo event
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Actress Rose McGowan has created her own makeup line as part of a protest against the beauty industry. The former Charmed star and her Aunt Rory have been working on their cosmetics company, The Only Skincare, for ten years, hoping to give women fed up with using chemically-rich products that damage their skin alternatives.

"During my career as an actress, the make-up artists I worked with used heavy make-up (and) my skin was getting dull," she writes on her company's website. "Aunt Rory and I never stopped talking skin. We became disenchanted with the beauty industry and how many products we were told we needed, (so) we decided to do it ourselves."

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Rose McGowan hbo event

Rose McGowan is launching her own make-up line

Rose, 44, literally drew from Mother Nature to develop the soothing formula for her The Only Skincare potions, after her aunt told her about a mineral lake that "healed skin". An idea struck us (and) we decided to bottle this magic ourselves," she recalls. "We were going to make an incredible multi tasker (line of products) (sic). One wash and lotion to do it all. Recreating the lake's Soft Mineral complex first in the kitchen and then in a laboratory, we refined and honed our product. Then we went further and included the all natural ingredients Co-q10 Idebenone, Lcarnitine, Hyaluronic Acids, natural Retinol, Peptides..."

The Only Skincare line includes two products - foam cleanser The Only Wash, which retails for $32 (£24) per bottle, and The Only Lotion moisturiser, selling for $48 (£36). The actress insists the range boasts an age-defying system that "lightly exfoliates, plumps, tightens, tones, and moisturizes" both the face and the rest of the body. Rose is currently accepting pre-orders for items ahead of The Only Skincare's hard launch in February.

News of her new venture comes weeks after the actress found herself in the middle of the ongoing Hollywood sexual misconduct drama after it was revealed she was allegedly assaulted by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and then paid for her silence.

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