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Trinny Woodall on why we should rethink our beauty routine

The TV star shared a helpful beauty tutorial on social media

Sophie Hamilton
Parenting Editor
January 25, 2018
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Style guru Trinny Woodall has addressed an age-old makeup dilemma faced by women across the country: how do we adapt our makeup to suit our age? The TV star posted a helpful beauty tutorial on her Instagram page and asked how many of her followers have been doing the same makeup routine for years. Trinny made up one half her face with a harsh look and the other half with a fresher, minimal look. The difference was amazing. In her caption, Trinny asked her followers: "How often do you readdress the makeup you wear?" and suggested, "Softer sometimes is fresher and discovering a new routine might bring you a lot of joy."

trinny© Photo: Getty Images

In the video, Trinny can be seen covering the 'new beauty look' side of her face with her hand. She asked: "How many of you have done the same makeup for 10 years? Maybe you're still doing a black eyeliner but in fact your eyes have changed shape. It could be that you're piling on the foundation because you feel your skin isn't as good as it used to be but it's showing your age. Perhaps you might still be doing that lovely lip liner moment to define the lips that have changed."

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Then swapping her hand to the other side of her face, she revealed the fresher, younger look. She said: "Instead, consider softer makeup, not doing a hard line on your eyes. Instead of using a lip liner, you use a nice little lip glow and instead of using hard foundation you use nice blusher and cream-based products. Ladies it's never too late to rethink our routine." Trinny recommends products from her brand Trinny London: "BFF in Medium/Light, Just a touch in TrinTron, Eye2eye in Universe and Lip Glow in Maddie."

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Trinny's post struck a chord with her followers, many of whom had been applying the same makeup for years. One wrote: "Thanks Trinny, I think I needed to hear that today. I have done my eyes as you suggested and they do look better! I am 49 now, I think I need some new makeup for a new look." Another said: "I really want to send my Mum to you, the eye liner is her especially!!" One fan told her: "Love this! I am afraid I'm still stuck in a time warp. Need to start looking at new textures!"

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