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Celebrities with tattooed eyebrows, including Coleen Rooney and Michelle Keegan

Microblading has been one of the biggest beauty trends among stars in recent years – and here's why

Hanna Fillingham
US Managing Editor
Updated: April 4, 2018
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Helen Mirren caused a stir recently after posting an age-defying makeup-free selfie. And it turns out the 72-year-old beauty has turned to microblading to help keep her looking fresh when there’s no makeup artist on hand. She revealed to the Daily Mail that she'd recently tried the beauty trend – and absolutely loved it. She said: "I was fed up of my brows barely being there and when one of my girlfriends got it done, I thought that they looked great. They're very lightly and delicately done — but it means that when I get up in the morning and I have no makeup on, at least I have eyebrows. It's made a huge difference."

helen mirren eyebrows

Helen shared this incredible barefaced selfie following this year's Oscars

Coleen Rooney recently took to social media to share a before-and-after photo of her newly microbladed eyebrows, one of the many stars to swear by this popular beauty trend. The mother-of-four's new brows were noticeably darker and fuller, and she received a mass of compliment from her fans, with one complimenting her on just how "natural" they looked. Also known as tattooed eyebrows, microblading is a semi-permanent make-up technique, allowing for those over-plucked eyebrow day sins to be vanished. Using a special microblading pen to draw individual strokes onto the eyes, the process mimics real hairs, and takes around two hours to complete – with clients coming away with brand new eyebrows.

coleen rooney eyebrows

Coleen Rooney's eyebrows before and after microblading

Bella Thorne was one of the first celebrities to bring microblading to our attention back in 2016. The actress caused a stir when she took to Snapchat to share with fans a step-by-step look as she had her eyebrows tattooed. Meanwhile, Girls star Lena Dunham praised microblading for "saving her life". She described her experience to Vogue, telling the publication that it was: "utterly delightful". She said: "On my face were two perfect brows, the same hard-to-capture brown as the hair on my head, multidimensional, thick in all the right places, giving my face a grounded seriousness I had been wishing for since that day in the bathroom almost 20 years ago."

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michelle keegan eyebrows

Michelle Keegan had her brows done after trying to grow them out for two years

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Michelle Keegan also took the plunge to try out microblading, having been wanting to grow out her eyebrows for years, something she said: "just wasn't happening." Documenting her experience in her HELLO! column, the former Coronation Street actress revealed that after a lot of research, she paid a visit to see Laura Ciordas, boasting a Phi Brows Master in Micro blading with her own academy in London. She said of the results: "They look very natural and I don’t have to faff around trying to even them out anymore."

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