Popularity of royal baby names falls as Breaking Bad inspires new parents

While the royal family have previously proved inspirational for parents naming their newborn babies, there has recently been a noticeable shift in attitudes.

Now, new mums and dads are choosing not to name their children after members of the royal family, because they do not want to be seen as 'copycats'.


Babycentre revealed the latest trend in their list of the top 100 UK baby names for 2013. Olivia is the most popular name for girls, and Oliver for boys.

The name George, which has been rising in popularity since 2010, was placed at number nine in the chart in June. But interestingly, following the arrival of Prince George in July, it was pushed out of the top ten.

Other royal names, including William, Harry, Kate, Catherine, Charles, and even Louis — Prince George's middle name — has also fallen out of favour.


Instead parents are seeking inspiration elsewhere. Proving particulary popular is the US series Breaking Bad, with the names Skyler and Jesse increasing by 70 per cent and 13 per cent respectively.

"Inspiration for your baby's name can come from anywhere, which is why a show like Breaking Bad, which has been hugely popular, has influenced choices this year," said BabyCentre's Sarah Barrett.

"Parents fear being labelled Kate copycats, but will take inspiration from characters in TV shows or films."


Breaking Bad isn't the only popular choice. The name Brody, from Homeland, is up for 40 per cent. Carrie and Dana have also increased by 200 and 66 per cent respectively. Arya, from the TV fantasy Game of Thrones, was a new entry to the top 100.

Top 10 girls' names
1. Olivia
2. Emily
3. Sophia
4. Lily
5. Isabella
6. Isabelle
7. Amelia
8. Isla
9. Sophie
10. Ava

Top 10 boys' names
1. Oliver
2. Jack
3. Charlie
4. Harry
5. Oscar
6. Thomas
7. Jacob
8. Ethan
9. Noah
10. James