Kimberly Wyatt opens up about baby Willow: 'She's not a morning person, she's a night owl'

It's been three month since Kimberly Wyatt welcomed her daughter Willow into the world, and she couldn't be more besotted with her baby girl. "The best thing has been to see her smile, cuddling with her, bonding with her, knowing she's a little piece of me," the singer told HELLO! Online. "Even with sleepless nights and she's been crying, if I get a little smile or giggle it's just the best thing."

Kimberly Wyatt welcomed baby Willow in December last year

Kimberly – speaking at the Tesco's Mum of the Year awards – and her husband Max Rogers welcomed their firstborn Willow on 2 December. The little girl takes after both of her proud parents.

"We like to have girl chat, I have no idea what she's saying yet but it's absolutely adorable," Kimberly revealed. "I think she takes after both of us at the moment, I can see Max in her, but myself too. People say she looks like me. She has my husband's ears and eyelashes, I think the rest might be more me."

The former Pussycat Doll singer also spoke about how much Willow has developed in those precious first few months. "She's growing, she's starting to smile, she's gorgeous," Kimberley gushed. "I was just on (TV show) Sunday Brunch and my husband sent me a picture of her watching, and she was smiling, cracking up – she thinks it's hilarious. It's lovely.

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"She's becoming really expressive. She's starting to become aware, I can read her stories, show her books and she's starting to see what’s going on. We're starting to see her personality, she's not a morning person, she's a night owl - we've figured that out.

"She loves music, we play Oasis for her and do the daddy dance in the morning. Music soothes her and she responds well to it."

The singer has revealed that her daughter is 'a night owl'

Kimberley, 33, might have been born and raised in Missouri, but she is now happily settled in the UK with her little family. She's looking forward to her first Mother's Day as a mummy on 15 March.

"I've never looked at it from this side of the mum fence so hopefully we'll have a day to celebrate all about me!" she told HELLO! Online. "Between my anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving and now Mother's Day… life of celebrations I love it!

"With my mum (who still lives in the US) I send flowers and let her know I'm thinking about her. She came to visit Willow for 10 days. It was really nice, good time to bond, Willow knew what was going on, they had nice little cuddle time and spoiling time from grandma, it was good.

"It's tough because all my family’s back in the states so I'm here on my own. But I'm lucky to have a family with my husband Max and my friends have become my family so that's the vibe that surrounds Willow and will be here as she grows up. My mum misses being with her but we live in an age that makes it much easier with skype, text, whatsapp, social media – it allows you to connect easier than it once was so that's good, there's always a happy side."