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Jade Jagger tells HELLO! about her 'boisterous' son and her love of Ibiza

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It's been almost a year since Jade Jagger and her daughter Assisi introduced their newborn babies in HELLO! Magazine. The two babies are now a year old, and in an exclusive interview with HELLO! Online, Jade reveals with a laugh that the pair are no longer the sleepy babies HELLO! met in 2014, but instead are lively toddlers, "crawling around everywhere, on top of everything, and keeping us busy".

Assisi's daughter Ezra Key was born in mid-May, before Jade's little boy, Ray Emmanuel, was welcomed on 11 June.

Jade and Assisi revealed that the pair would probably grow up closer to brother and sister than uncle and niece, but Jade admits that the pair are "different – they are very much the stereotype of boys and girls at the moment.

"Ezra is quite quiet and gentle, and Ray is a little more boisterous and adventurous."


When Jade and Assisi introduced their babies, the two discussed their differing styles of parenting, and Jade maintains that their styles remain different a year on.

"I think in many ways I still use structure and Ray has bed time and it’s important to define those," Jade tell us, "but when the time comes, when out and about or on holiday, I can be more relaxed."

Forty-three-year-old Jade, a former model turned designer and mother of three, is as busy as ever.

The daughter of rock star Mick Jagger's new project has her working with holiday retailer Thomson, designing five gorgeous kaftans in striking jewel inspired colours for the brand new Sensatori resort on the Spanish isle of Ibiza.

The fashionable jet set have been making the island their summer destination for years now, and Jade is one of Ibiza's most adrent supporters, having called the island her second home for over 20 years now.

"Ibiza is very close to my heart," reveals Jade of the Balearic island, which every summer sees the likes of fashion icons Kate Moss, Orlando Bloom, and Kim Kardashian head out for the bright sunshine, good food, and cultural scene.

Why do Ibiza and fashion seem to go hand in hand? "It's a great place to go out and see and been seen, so that comes with a look, the whole bohemian look, a beach look," explains Jade.

"I think people get excited about summer wardrobes and what they will wear on holiday, and people have an opportunity to wear things that they don’t normally wear when they’re in the city."

"Thomson came to me and wanted to collaborate for this collection, for their Sensatori hotel in Ibiza," said Jade, before adding: "and making kaftans and wellbeing areas are things that I really love and enjoy."

All of the designs have been clearly influenced by Jade's signature style, with Jade admitting that they were motivated by "the laidback luxury feeling that Ibiza has".

As a new mother for the third time, she's aware of the power of the kaftan: "I wanted to create an exotic print for a simple kaftan that works so great from day to night, and for all shapes and sizes."

As well as the limited kaftans, Jade has also designed the hotel's new wellbeing space, which will house yoga and meditation classes, as well as being an area for relaxation.

With years of experience of an interior designer, Jade knew exactly how the space would look: "I used different straps of wood to dapple light, to create a beautiful shaded but not too shaded, inside outside area.

"I think it’s always nice the way you can play with light in hot countries, the way it creates this rippled effect with shadows on the floor."

With a young son and her design career growing every day, Jade's fully aware of the need to find time to be herself: "[Yoga and meditation] have always been a great support to me, and how I keep fit and stay calm with a busy lifestyle and work and kids.

"It’s always great to take that time for yourself."

Jade Jagger has designed a limited edition range of kaftans and a bespoke wellbeing space to celebrate the opening of the Thomson Sensatori Resort Ibiza. For more information go to

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