Charley Webb reveals she is ready for baby number 2

Charley Webb is making her final preparations for her second child as her due date approaches. The Emmerdale star, who is expecting a baby with partner Matthew Wolfenden before Christmas, shared a picture of the Moses basket she has set up for her upcoming arrival on Twitter over the weekend.

"Ready for a tiny little arrival," Charley wrote alongside a photo of the hanging Moses basket, before sharing another image of the cot with a white curtain draped around it, adding: "Now we're ready."

Charley announced her pregnancy news in June by posting a hilarious picture of herself with partner Matthew and their son Buster. The five-year-old was holding a sign that said: "Only child status expiring December 2015" with a look of shock on his face.

It appears Buster is getting excited about becoming a big brother judging by Charley's social media posts, with the actress revealing he had even requested a particular name should he welcome a baby sister.

"Buster…'Mummy, if we have a girl can we call it Sheree 2?' @shereemurphy", Charley tweeted recently, revealing that Buster wanted to name the baby after her close friend and co-star Sheree Murphy.

While Charley and Matthew have not found out the gender of their upcoming arrival, the mum-to-be recently celebrated her impending arrival with a baby shower arranged by her nearest and dearest. The 27-year-old revealed her plans for the special day on Twitter, telling fans there was going to be "Cocktails (mocktails for this mama) & dancing," for a "baby shower with a twist."

Charley has been with Matthew, another co-star on Emmerdale, since 2008. They split up briefly during the summer of 2013 when Buster was going through the 'terrible twos'. Despite the separation they remained great friends and eventually rekindled the relationship.

"It was never a permanent split," Matthew has previously told The Mirror. "We just needed some time apart. Sometimes life just gets on top of you. We had a 'terrible' two-year-old at the time and needed time to look at what we had, but it was the best thing we could have done."