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Exclusive: Sam Faiers talks baby Paul and the unglamorous side of being a mum

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She was one of TOWIE's most groomed and preened stars, but in her new role as a mum Sam Faiers has dealt with her fair share of baby mishaps.

The mum to adorable Paul is returning to screens in Sam Faiers: The Mummy Diaries next week and ahead of the much-anticipated show, Sam has spoken about the less glamorous side of parenting.

"The first six weeks I didn't leave the house," Sam told HELLO! Online. "I was just breastfeeding, breastfeeding, getting to know how it works. I've had green things on my bra, your hair's a mess, you've got no make-up on, you're tired..."


sam faiers1© Photo: Instagram

"Nothing can prepare you for motherhood," said Sam Faiers

"Recently we flew together to Portugal and Paul did the biggest toilet explosion on the plane," she laughed. "As a mum though you just deal with it, nothing fazes you, you just do it because you have to. There have been a couple of mishaps!"

"Nothing can prepare you for motherhood, no matter what books you read, what online blogs you read, what people tell you," Sam said. "You do it your own way. When you're a parent you find your feet instantly – it's that mother instinct."

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The former TOWIE star welcomed baby Paul two days before her 25th birthday

The TV star and her partner Paul Knightley welcomed their first child last year, two days before Sam's 25th birthday. Time has flown for the new family.

"I'll never forget when baby Paul rolled from his back to his front. That's a big thing in the baby world!" she said. "They lie down for so long and the day he rolled over, me, my mum, my sister Billie and niece Nelly were all cheering him on saying 'Come on!'

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"He's crawling, he's cut his top teeth and bottom, he says Mum and Dad," said Sam

"He was on his side and we were anticipating, is he going to do it or not? And when he rolled onto his front we were all cheering and clapping."

"He's crawling, he's cut his top teeth and bottom, he says Mum and Dad," she added. "I think the next thing is walking. He's trying to walk, he holds onto everything, he's really trying so I think that's the next big thing. He's very adventurous!"

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"He's trying to walk, he's very adventurous!" said the doting mum

The Mummy Diaries will follow Sam's journey as a first-time mum and comes after her popular show The Baby Diaries, which documented her pregnancy.

"It literally captures everything as first-time parents, the highs and lows, it's really raw," she said. "That's why it's really refreshing because, although I'm in the public eye and I've got a celebrity status, I want mums to relate to me because I'm doing it for the first time like every mum does."

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Sam said she wasn't worried about people's comments, saying: "Paul is so laid-back, he doesn't let anything faze him"

And is she worried that her boyfriend Paul might receive the same backlash he did in the first show? The real estate developer was criticised for being "controlling" and having a close relationship with his mum.

"I'm not really concerned, I mean, you're putting yourself on telly so there's always going to be criticism," said Sam. "People always have an opinion and say negative things. You can never do right but I think that's just life, the way it is, so I'm prepared for it.

"Paul is so laid-back, he doesn't let anything faze him. He laughs at it most of the time. I'm the one that gets more offended. He's just really chilled out."

Sam Faiers: The Mummy Diaries airs on Wednesday 12 October at 9pm on ITVBe.

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