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The baby names that are soon to become extinct

BabyCentre have identified 24 names that haven't been registered this year

baby names unpopular
Andrea Caamano
Andrea CaamanoWebsite Editor
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Baby names that were once popular in the Eighties could soon become extinct, popular website BabyCentre has revealed. Names such as Donna, Karen and Cilla for girls and Frank, Ian and Ricky for boys, could soon disappear, having not received a single registration between them so far in 2017.


The popular baby website has identified 24 names that haven't been registered in their database so far this year, meaning they are well and truly on the endangered baby names list and could vanish from their chart completely. Other once-popular names that have not seen a single registration in this year include Clive, Janice and Gus.

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BabyCentre has revealed 24 baby names that could become extinct

New parents are ditching these old-fashioned names in favour of short and sweet monikers such as Ava, Isla, Mia, Evie, Lily and Ivy for their daughters and Freddie, Alfie, Theo, Archie and Charlie all making the top 20 boys' names.

But baby name trends quickly change; last year the top five names for boys were Oliver, Muhammad, Noah, Harry and Jack. For girls, the top five names were Olivia, Lily, Sophia, Emily and Amelia. Popular baby names themes in 2016 included Star Wars, which led to a rise in the parents choosing Finn, Luke and Harrison following the release of The Force Awakens. The boxset boom, thanks to Netflix and Amazon Prime, also had an influence on baby names, with more parents opting for Piper for their baby girl, after the lead character in Orange is the New Black.

2017's endangered names list in full:

Girls: Cilla, Bertha, Cynthia, Janice, Anita, Marcia, Mildred, Dorothy, Edna, Bonnie, Cindy (Sindy), Donna, Gail, Karen.

Boys: Ian (Iain), Frank, Clarence, Ricky, Edmund, Gus, Roger, Bertram, Clive, Roald.

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