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Izzy Judd talks about her two exciting new arrivals

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Izzy Judd is preparing for TWO exciting new arrivals. The wife of McFly drummer Harry Judd is due to give birth in September but before that she has her book Dare to Dream - published this week - which tells the story of their struggle to conceive.

"It did feel like a miracle, and the fact that it was New Year's Day made it all the more special," she tells HELLO! of the moment she found out she was pregnant again. The couple are already parents to little Lola, their daughter born by IVF in January 2016, so when Izzy found out at the beginning of this year that she had fallen pregnant naturally, it seemed beyond their wildest dreams.


Izzy with her daughter Lola Copyright:Marte Lundby Rekaa

And it was all the more perfect that Lola was with Izzy when she took the first test. "Bless her, she was looking at me wondering what on earth was going on, as I was saying, 'There's a line, there's a line'," laughs Izzy. "I really do feel that she helped me fall pregnant naturally this time.

She adds, "I'm sure there is an intuition as very early on when we found out I was pregnant Lola used to lift up my top and kiss my tummy. Now she definitely knows something is going on, and has started kissing Harry’s tummy too!"

It is her journey to become a mother that is at the heart of her new book, Dare to Dream, which she generously credits HELLO! for having a role to play.


"After we spoke in the magazine about how we had been through IVF to have a baby, I was overwhelmed by the number of people who got in touch, so I have to thank HELLO!, as it was that response which inspired me to tell my story which I hope will help other couples. No one should have to go through fertility struggles alone."

"Focusing on how the mind and body work together and researching holistic therapies was the turning point in my journey to conceive. It was empowering to take control and start to think positively."

Izzy, 33, passionately believes, "IVF should not be thought of as something frightening, an obstacle to clear before the joy of having a baby. I've always thought is an amazing gift and I'm very grateful that is was an option for us."


Of this pregnancy, she adds, "Lola won't even be two when this one is born, so I have been more tired this time around but I feel so lucky that I am pregnant.

We don't know if we are having a boy or girl again, but we have had moments when we've been tempted to find out...We can't agree on a boy's name yet, but we do have another girl's name."

Dare to Dream: My Struggle to Become a Mum by Izzy Judd is published on 29th June by Bantam, £14.99 For the full interview with Izzy Judd see this week's HELLO!

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