Katie Piper reveals exciting new project that involves her daughter Belle

The charity campaigner and author is busier than ever

Katie Piper is a busy mum of two after welcoming baby Penelope in December last year - a little sister for four-year-old Belle. And with her career going from strength to strength, Katie has launched a very special project! "We've created a cool addition to my maternity range, which is matching clothes for mums and daughters," Katie tells HELLO!. "So I can match with Belle! I’ve always wanted to have little girls like this and sharing these moments together, for me, is what it’s all about."

Katie Piper is working on a new project with Swarovski

And the exciting news doesn't stop there. Katie, 34, is adding another string to her bow by joining Swarovski's sparkling new initiative - Stories of Yes, which aims to empower women to take on new challenges. "My story of saying yes is quite cool," Katie tells us. "It was in the early stages of my charity and the fundraisers asked if I would run a half marathon for it. I began to think of all the reasons I couldn't - I'd been in hospital, I'm blind in one eye - but then I thought of why I should say yes. I knew by doing it, I could encourage other people to run with me, so I did," explains Katie. "If I hadn’t have said yes, I wouldn't have known that running was going to go on to help me mentally and physically. I wish I’d embraced that sooner and had more self-belief."

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The TV star is a proud mum to two daughters

Katie also wants to teach this inspiring message to her daughter Belle. "I try and read her books that convey the message - you can do anything you put your mind to," says Katie. After the birth of Penelope, affectionately called Pea by her mum, Katie has been kept on her toes. "It's lovely for Belle to have a sibling," she tells us. "I'm savouring everything more this time because I know how quickly the baby bit goes. I also know how robust babies are, so I’m more laid back," says Katie. "The other day, Belle wanted to play mums and dads with Pea, next thing I can’t find her and she was under the stairs in the cupboard!"

The Allegria Watch

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Katie is wearing:

Subtle Double Bracelet, £89
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Allegria Watch, £279
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