Vogue Williams reveals Spencer Matthews calls her 'bear cub' after growing facial hair

Cheeky Spencer poked fun at this common pregnancy side-effect

Victoria Hutton

Pregnant Vogue Williams has revealed the cheeky new nickname she's been given by husband Spencer Matthews. Looking stunning as ever on her HELLO! photoshoot, the newlywed explained that Spencer had playfully dubbed her 'bear cub' ever since she started experiencing a common side-effect of pregnancy - facial hair growth. The 32-year-old Irish model told HELLO! that it took her a moment to twig exactly what was behind the new name. "Spencer started calling me bear cub recently and I was like 'why is he calling me that?'" she said. "Then I realised: oh my God, it's because of my fluffy face!"

Vogue - who is well known for her sense of humour - appears totally laid back about this slightly less glamorous off-shoot of expecting, putting it down to hormones and saying simply: "You do get a little fluffier [during pregnancy]." She went on to explain that she had suffered much more from other side effects - like her long bout of morning sickness and what she describes as "lava" level heartburn.


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