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Drew Barrymore's best ever skincare tips

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drew3 © Photo: Getty Images

There's no doubt that Drew Barrymore is a beauty guru. Not only does she have her own beauty brand, Flower Beauty, but she regularly shares her tips for a radiant complexion – and with the star constantly wowing both on the red carpet or in make-up free selfies, we've listened.

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drew2 © Photo: Getty Images

On her favourite products

"Skincare-wise, I’m obsessed with Dickinson’s Witch Hazel wipes. They’re like facials on-the-go; I buy them at the drugstore," she told Into The Gloss. "They completely help keep my skin clear. They’re awesome. You want the individually packed ones—for some reason the other ones don’t work as well."

drew8 © Photo: Getty Images

On going make-up free

"I am the biggest lover of make-up on the planet, but I love taking off my make-up and having a fresh face and letting my skin breathe. I don’t wear makeup all day long, every day. I love letting my skin breathe—you have to," she revealed to Into the Gloss.

drew7 © Photo: Getty Images

On natural beauty

"I believe so much in being nice and being happy. When you put something good into the air, the sheer positivity is the glow that outshines any make-up."

drew4 © Photo: Getty Images

On the golden rules of skincare

"Washing your face morning, noon, and night – most especially after those long nights. Fall asleep with your make-up on and you'll wake up doomed is my philosophy," she told Marie Claire.

drew6 © Photo: Getty Images

On how to use make-up for radiant skin

"I swear by highlighter, but don't put it on over your blush—it'll look murky. Instead, pat it just on the tops of your cheekbones, then add a little on the slope of your nose, across your forehead, and a dot on the bow of your lips, then feather out all the edges. It really changes the way your make-up looks," she told RedBook.

drew5 © Photo: Getty Images

On making time for pampering

"I don't have time to get facials, so I love a weekly superintense hydrating mask that I can do at home. Glamglow is incredible," she revealed to The Outfit.

drew1 © Photo: Getty Images

On maintaining a bright and healthy complexion

"I still wash my face twice a day. That's probably my one sanctuary," she shared with The Cut. "I also love brightening serums now. I have the patchiest, reddest, most hideous/discoloured skin, so those brighteners are really a lifesaver."

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