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Arizona Muse hails the natural beauty benefits of coconut oil

The model is among the celebrity fans of the multi-tasking oil

Arizona Muse leopard awards
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Arizona Muse has praised the benefits of using coconut oil as a deodorant. The model has opened up about her daily beauty routine for an interview with W Magazine, and revealed that she now shuns typical products used to banish sweat in favour of a more natural option.

"Coconut oil," she stated of what she thinks is the most underrated beauty product. "I use it as deodorant as well. Deodorant is so poisonous and toxic for us; it has heavy metals in it and we have very important glands right there and, for women, breasts that you don't want to put those things next to. Coconut oil is a wonderful deodorant - it doesn't feel oily, it melts onto your skin really nicely, and it smells nice."

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Arizona Muse leopard awards© Photo: Getty Images

Arizona Muse swears by coconut oil

The brunette beauty, who has worked for brands including Lanvin and Chanel, also relies on oils to look after her complexion, insisting she picked up the habit "long before" it became popular. Arizona believes beauty begins on the inside though and has some firm choices when it comes to what she consumes.

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She listed fermented products like kefir, a type of drink, fermented cabbage and kimchi as some of her top options, but it's apple cider vinegar which she holds the highest praise for. "I drink it with water, so probably one tablespoon with one big glass of water, and it makes a huge difference with everything," the 29-year-old noted. "Also, if you've eaten something that you know is really unhealthy, but you just indulged anyway, or too much bread or anything like that, I love it at the end of the day too; it balances out your insides. You can even bathe in it, like a whole bottle of it, and it's really good."

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