Bobbi Brown uses a potato mitt to exfoliate – find out why!

This trick is genius!

Makeup and wellness guru Bobbi Brown has been one of the biggest names in the beauty business for decades, so when she reveals what products she uses in her daily routine we sit up and pay attention – particularly when it turns out they all come from the kitchen cupboard! The original founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics recently gave a talk in which she revealed that, instead of buying fancy exfoliating products, she scrubs herself down using a potato mitt. "If you put moisturiser on without exfoliating, you're not really moisturising," she said. "One of my favourite exfoliating things for your body is one of those mitts they sell [to scrub] potatoes with. I keep it in my bathroom and use it for the skin on my legs – it's really gentle."

Most of Bobbi's go-to products can be found in your kitchen

The beauty mogul added that she only uses the mitt on tough areas of skin and avoids it on sensitive patches, such as her face. She also keeps sugar and salt on hand to exfoliate other parts of her body, and also prefers natural moisturisers. "When my skin's dry, I'll either put some olive oil on it or coconut oil," she explained. "It makes a huge difference—I don't use a moisturiser." She added that she prefers the virgin kind because it "smells like vacation."

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Another celebrity who swears by coconut oil is Cheryl, who has declared it her beauty saviour since becoming a mum. Organic coconut oil can be applied from top-to-toe as an all-natural moisturiser, or make like Cheryl and put some in a hot bath so it can sink into your skin and leave it feeling soft and hydrated. It can also be used on your hair as a nourishing mask before shampooing, or massaged onto your face to remove makeup before thoroughly cleansing.

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