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Eyelash tint: everything you need to know about the beauty treatment – according to an expert

Makeup artist Sophie Tilley explains what you need to know…

eyelash tint
Orin Carlin
Orin CarlinContent Writer
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Fancy picture-perfect lashes without the painstaking mascara application? Given how dark and gloomy these winter mornings are proving to be, pretty much all of us could use the extra time in bed.

Instead of undertaking your usual laborious makeup routine, an eyelash tint could be the answer to your fluttery, Bambi-like lash aspirations.

What is an eyelash tint?

The semi-permanent treatment involves applying a dye to your lashes which will temporarily darken your hairs and add that much-coveted definition to your eyes. 

Hello! Fashion caught up with expert makeup artist Sophie Tilley, who has worked her magic within the industry for the past 15 years. Having trained in theatrical makeup and worked on countless editorials, she also offers eyelash tinting to those on her exclusive client list.  

Who is eyelash tinting most suitable for?

Thick Lashes On Pamella Roland Model

"I would say everyone because even if your lashes are very dark, often the tips and/or the roots can be lighter so it's good to make them all uniform for greater definition," Sophie explains.

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"A tint will also leave a nice gloss finish on the lashes. Plus, it's great if you’re wearing false lashes or having lash extensions applied (Asma Docrat of Boudoir Lashes is fab and can take care of everything), as your lashes will be much better disguised and blend in, under the falsies. Ideal, too, if you're getting married or going on holiday. Obviously, eyelash tinting is not suitable for those who are allergic, so always have a patch test to check that it is right for you."

What are the benefits of an eyelash tint?

"In some cases, you can simplify your makeup routine and skip mascara," Sophie explains. "For extra shine and that clean Hailey Bieber look, you could just apply a clear mascara, Elf's double ended one is ideal. 

"On days when you're going for the 'no-makeup makeup' look, you can simply curl your lashes and be left with a wide-eyed, with a fresh finish (Kevyn Aucoin's eyelash curler works wonders). Darkening your lashes will enhance your lashes, lash line and often the colour of your eyes will pop a bit more."

What do you need to know about eyelash tinting before getting it done?

"As with any type of dye or tint, it's really important to get a patch test done. Not all salons/beauticians/lash technicians use the same products so it's best to err on the side of caution, it only takes a minute," Sophie says.

"Think about what colour you would like: light brown, dark brown, brown/black or black? If black, I often suggest blue/black as it's somehow a bit darker and inkier than black (which can sometimes be a bit grey-toned) with a luscious glossy finish."

"Most salons will offer this as a service now but do your research; take a look at their reviews and online imagery to see you're getting the style and result you're after."

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"It doesn't take long – you could do it in your lunchbreak – but bear in mind you need to go there with your eye area and lashes completely clean, free from any makeup and oils."

"I'm unsure as to why, but not all practitioners will tint the lower lash line so I'd advise that you to request this ahead of your booking. It makes such a difference to have all the lashes done and frames your eyes more cohesively."

What happens during the eyelash tinting process?

Lash Definition On Victoria Tomas Model

"The technician will briefly clean the eye and lash area, then apply some shields to your lower lash and under-eye area, pushing the lower lashes completely out of the way. It's a bit strange at first but once your eyes are then closed you can't feel anything."

"Some barrier cream or gel might then be applied around your eyelid area to stop the tint bleeding too much onto your skin. Your eyes remain closed throughout the treatment as they mix then apply the tint. Allowing 10-15 minutes for it to develop, you just relax. It will then be removed and you're good to go."

What does eyelash tint aftercare look like?

"Pretty simple really, just keep them conditioned and try not to rub too much. Apply makeup as normal and when it comes to removing eye makeup be extra gentle. Use an oil-based makeup remover (I like Garnier's Express 2-in-1 Eye Makeup remover) on a cotton pad, hold on the eye area for 20 seconds or so (it will melt everything down) then slowly swipe away."

"You could use a hydrating lash product like Sensai's Lash Conditioner and if you wanted to encourage your eyelash growth for next time, apply Revitalash's Advanced Eyelash Conditioner every night, it works wonders."

How long does an eyelash tint last?

"This will vary from person to person, but I'd say about two to three weeks. Depending on your lifestyle, how often you wear makeup, sun exposure, how your lashes take to them and indeed how they fade or shed, it can differ."

Is it possible to do an eyelash tint at home?

"I'd say it's very tricky to have a good result doing your own lashes at home. I've tried many times and it's a bit of a faff and way more time consuming. For one, you need to keep your eyes closed, so at home you'll have to do one eye at a time. How skilled are you at keeping one eye open and one closed simultaneously?" Sophie asks.

"Think about whether you actually have all the products required too (tint, developing solution, a small well to mix the tint in, precision cotton buds, eye shields, barrier cream, cotton pads and remover). It's way less hassle and guarantees much better results to let a professional do it," Sophie advises.

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