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Pairs of false lashes that no one will believe aren’t yours

From Sweed’s cult lashes to affordable options, we’ve got you covered

sweed lashes fake eyelashes
Natalie Salmon
Fashion Digital Editor
Updated: October 24, 2022
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False lashes get a bad rap. Once the must have beauty go-to for everyones night out they lost pride position in our makeup bag after being associated with jaeger bombs, orange tans and the bodycon dresses of our university days.

Of course, times have since changed and the false lashes available nowadays are miles away from those, frankly terrifying, spidery lashes of the past.

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As we inch closer to party season, we are practically wild with anticipation – and can you blame us? What is the true meaning of Christmas if not: rolling in glitter, drinking champagne for breakfast and whacking on a pair of falsies?

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How do you apply false eyelashes? 

Application is key when it comes to ensuring that your falsies look super natural. Trimming your lashes to size from the outside end according to the length of your lash line is a crucial first step. Next, don't go glue-mad. Apply a thin layer to the band and wait a couple of minutes until it is tacky and then, slowly but carefully, press the falsies in place, as close to your lash line as possible.

Do false lashes ruin your own eyelashes? 

When applied properly, false lashes don't ruin your own eyelashes. Just take care not to be overzealous on the glue front, and peel them off gently so that you don't damage your hair follicles. 

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Here are the best natural looking false lashes to help you get your flutter on:

The fluffiest pair: Dose of Lashes

Dose of Lashes are the UK's highest rated strip lashes, and one quick browse of their lash offerings it's easy to see why. All of the brand's faux styles are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and many are reusable - making them even kinder to the environment.

The Miss Fox style is one of our favourites, giving a mink-like effect and are super fluffy. Plus, they can be reused up to 30 times and, thanks to Dose of Lashes UNYQ™ Lash Technology, they last on average twice as long as other brands.

dose lashes

Miss Fox, £10.99, Dose of Lashes


The barely-there option: Sweed Lashes

After being frustrated with the lack of good-quality lashes on the market, Swedish make up artist Gabrielle Elio launched Sweed Lashes: a range of ultra-lightweight and easy-to-apply lashes that are fixed to a flexible cotton base. This ground-breaking construction came about after Elio discovered the ultimate secret to a quality falsie: the flexibility and strength of the band. The packaging is recyclable and each lash can be reused up to 10 times making these some of the most sustainable on the market. We love these from her collaboration with Nikki makeup.

sweed lashes

Sweed Lashes Nikki No Lash-Lash, £20.00, Cult Beauty


The dark and defined: Huda Beauty

One of Huda Beauty’s bestselling styles, the Giselle #1 false lashes grant light volume to the wearer and define the lashline to create a subtle statement. Gorgeous on their own, they’re also perfect for adding the finishing touch to your makeup look.

huda beauty giselle lashes

Huda Beauty Giselle Lashes #1, £14.00, Cult Beauty


The Wispies: Falscara Eyelash Wisps

Kiss’ Falscara Eyelash Wisps are easy to apply, comfortable, and give an amazingly natural look. That’s because traditional false eyelashes are glued to the top of your lash line and rest over your lashes. Faslcara Wisps actually attach to the underside of your natural lashes, so no one can see the tiny micro bands that hold them together. That's what makes them look so natural. We’re sold.

kiss falscara lashes

Kiss Falscara Eyelash - Wisp Multi 02, £9.99, Superdrug


The everyday pair: Eylure Naturals

Eylure Naturals No. 035 are a sweet and delicate lash that are impactful enough to make an impression but subtle enough for everyday wear. Handmade and reusable for up to five wears, every lash pack also comes with our latex free lash glue that is guaranteed to last up to 18 hours.

eyelure lashes

Eylure Naturals No. 035, £5.50, Boots


The Party Pair: Ardell Lashes

Ardell combined two of their high-impact styles in one spotlight-ready lash. The crisscrossing wispies style seamlessly blends with your natural lashes and the super-soft fine tapered fibres create the silky-soft faux mink effect. Lightweight yet bold enough for you to party the night away.

ardell fauxmink

Ardell Lashes Faux Mink Wispies, £8.00, Boots


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