Inseparable teen couple Liam Curry and Chloe Rutherford killed in terror attack

Their heartbroken families have paid tribute to the pair in a joint statement

Gemma Strong

Liam Curry and Chloe Rutherford were among the 22 victims of Monday’s terror attack in Manchester, it has been confirmed. The "inseparable" teen couple, described by their loved ones as "perfect" for each other, were killed in the blast at Manchester Arena, along with 20 other victims. Greater Manchester Police have released a heartbreaking joint statement from Liam, 19, and 17-year-old Chloe's families that reads: "On the night our daughter Chloe and our son Liam died, their wings were ready but our hearts were not. They were perfect in every way for each other and meant to be."

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'Inseparable' Chloe Rutherford and Liam Curry were killed in Monday's attack

It continues: "They were beautiful inside and out to ourselves and our families, and they were inseparable. Chloe always described herself as ditzy who Liam adored and would do anything for, including dealing with Chloe's demands for chocolate. They lived to go to new places together and explore different cities. They wanted to be together forever and now they are."

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Tragically, it has been revealed that Liam's father died just nine weeks before the terrorist attack took place. The Mirror reports that Andrew Curry passed away on 18 March at the age of 49 after a long battle with cancer. According to Liam's Facebook page, the teen worked as a waiter at Hilton Newcastle Gateshead and was studying applied sport and exercise science at Northumbria University.


Tributes have been left to the 22 victims in Manchester

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The devastating terrorist attack took place at around 10.30pm on Monday night as fans were leaving an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester Arena. The confirmed victims have been named as eight-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos, Olivia Campbell, 15, Liam Curry, 19, Chloe Rutherford, 17, Eilidh MacLeod, 14, Alison Howe, 44, Lisa Lees, 43, Megan Hurley, Kelly Brewster, 32, John Atkinson, 26, Georgina Callander, 18, Martyn Hett, 29, Angelike and Marcin Klis, 40 and 42, Jane Tweddle-Taylor, 50, Sorrell Leczkowski, 14, Nell Jones, 14, and Michelle Kiss, 45.

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