Charlie Gard's mum says five doctors now believe treatment could help her son

Connie Yates made an appearance on Good Morning Britain on Friday

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Charlie Gard's mother Connie Yates has shared an update ahead of a meeting with Great Ormond Street staff on Friday, in which she and her partner Chris Gard hope to postpone switching off their baby son's life support. "Hopefully we'll have good news later," Connie said during an appearance on Good Morning Britain, as she revealed that there are now five doctors from around the world who believe that Charlie's symptoms could be improved if he receives further treatment. "Charlie is not suffering. All we want is two to three months to know if it works," Connie said. "There is potential for him to be a completely normal boy, but we don't know – because you don't know until you try."


Charlie Gard's mother has said five doctors now believe treatment could help her son

She continued: "There is new information. There's further scientific research that this medication would work for Charlie. From the doctors, from the team of doctors who agree on this medication. There are now five doctors who agree with us, two of them are in England, one is in Spain, one is in Italy and one is in America. And they all specialise in this particular disease, among others, but you know, the rare forms. Some of them will be scientists, there's one paediatric neurologist and another neurologist but they do scientific studies as well."

It comes after a US hospital offered to ship an experimental drug to the UK to help treat little Charlie. New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center has also offered to admit the terminally ill 11-month-old if legal hurdles can be cleared. The hospital's statement is the latest intervention after offers of help from US President Donald Trump and Pope Francis.


Chris Gard and Connie Yates are in a lengthy legal battle with doctors at Great Ormond Street

Charlie's parents are in the midst of a lengthy legal battle with doctors at Great Ormond Street, who say the experimental treatment would not help the little boy. Charlie has a rare genetic condition affecting his mitochondria, and doctors have argued life support should be switched off because there is no chance of his condition improving. Connie and Chris lost their final legal battle last month after judges at the European Court of Human Rights ruled that further treatment would "continue to cause Charlie significant harm".

US President Donald Trump has also tweeted his support for 11-month-old Charlie

Charlie's parents have spent the last few days of their son's life by his side, after being given more time before his life-support is turned off. During Friday's interview, Connie said: "Suicide and euthanasia are both illegal in this country – how can ending Charlie's life be legal when there's a chance. It is in his best interests to be given a chance to live."

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She added: "He's our own flesh and blood and we don't even have a say in his life whatsoever. We are not bad parents, we are there for him all the time, we are completely devoted to him and he's not in pain and suffering, and I promise everyone I would not sit there and watch my son in pain and suffering, I couldn't do it."


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