Youngest Manchester terror attack victim Saffie Roussos funeral to take place today

The funeral of Saffie Roussos, the youngest victim of the Manchester terror attack, will take place todayo

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Saffie Roussos' funeral will take place in Manchester on Wednesday. The eight-year-old was the youngest victim of the horrific terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert on 22 May. Pink ribbons will be placed on trees and lampposts in Tarleton, Lancashire, where Saffie attended school, and the main service will take place at Manchester Cathedral. The little girl's parents have requested that mourners carry a single rose in honour of her.

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Saffie was killed in the Manchester terror attack

Speaking about his daughter on what would have been her ninth birthday in early July, Andrew Roussos told the BBC: "She was a joker. She was a huge character. She was just everything you could wish for in a little girl. She loved dancing, music, gymnastics. If she wanted something, she would do it. [She loved] fame, stardom. I know that Saffie would love her pictures to be on, and to be spoken about on TV." He added: "We've lost everything. We have, we've lost everything, because life will just never be the same."

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Saffie's mother, Lisa, was put in a medically induced coma due to her injuries, and Andrew spoke of the moment that she woke up. "[Lisa] just looked at me and said 'she's gone isn't she?', and I said 'yeah'," he said. ""She goes, 'I knew'." Her sister, Ashlee Bromwich, was also injured in the attack. Saffie's is the last funeral from the terror attack, which killed 22 people, the first being for 14-year-old Eilidh MacLeod in Barra, Scotland.  


Saffie's funeral will take place at Manchester cathedral

Ariana paid tribute to Saffie on what would have been her ninth birthday. During a performances in Buenos Aires, the singer performed Somewhere Over the Rainbow, then said: "Happy birthday, Saffie," before blowing a kiss.

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