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David Cameron: 'I still remember every minute of my wedding night'

Like many other couples, the Camerons try to spend time alone one night a week on what they call "date night". “We have one night a week where we either stay in and do nothing or go out on our own," David revealed to a women's magazine. "We have a couple of favourite Italian restaurants in north Kensington."

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The British leader and his wife wed in June 1996 and he claims to remember every minute of their wedding night."Those were the most memorable 24 hours of my life," he said.  The statesman is also keen on taking Samantha to dinner for Valentine's day – if he remembers to book a table early enough, he adds. Finding shared time together has not always been easy.

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When Samantha was still working as a design director at Smythson, she took many long business trips and they became used to spending time apart. David says: "Sometimes she'd go off to New York for five days and I was left looking after the little ones." Date night seems to be a common practice not only for the Camerons, but also for another famous political couple: the Obamas. Michelle recently said in a TV interview: "It's all part of the reminder that this family is not just two folks raising kids but it's two people building a life together."

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