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'Duchess is a young woman not an object,' say lawyers at hearing

As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge continue smiling their way around the South Pacific on a Diamond Jubilee tour representing the Queen, they are awaiting crucial news from a French court.They were due to find out on Tuesday whether legal action to stop the distribution of topless photos of Kate had been successful.Their laywer Aurelien Hamelle told the hearing the picture represented "a highly intimate moment during a scene of married life and has no place on the cover of a magazine."

Duchess of Cambridge


He said: "In the name of what did Closer publish these shock photos? Certainly not in the name of information.The Duchess of Cambridge is a young woman not an object.... and I ask you to put yourself in the place of her husband Prince William... and the place of her parents.I have a young daughter and I can imagine how I would feel as a father if her body's intimacy was held up to the whole world in these conditions.This is not progress, it's not a sign of modernity, this is a regression.Mr Hamelle added that the timing was particularly insensitive coming so close to the anniversary of Diana, Princess of Wales.

William and Kate

"These photos were taken on September 5, 2012, which give or take six days was the 15th anniversary of the cynical, morbid and useless hunt which led to the death of Prince William's mother."As he spoke the young royals were enjoying a night in the remote islet of Tavanipupu before travelling on to Tuvalu where they were carried from the aircraft in thrones.A spokesman for the couple said: "They are focusing on the tour, though they are being kept aware of developments and are directing a lot of the developments themselves."

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