Sophie Wessex delivers supportive speech as she ends her tour of India

Sophie, Countess of Wessex gave a supportive speech on Friday as she spoke of her interest in the sight saving charity ORBIS at an Ophthalmic Conference.

The Countess, who is currently touring India and Qatar with ORBIS, took her place on the stage at a medical training symposium held at the Swabhumi Conference Centre in Kolkata.

The 48-year-old wore a smart white blazer over a matching dress for the engagement which took place on the fourth day of her solo royal tour.



Before the conference got underway the Sophie added a blight floral garland to her outfit as she took part in a traditional Indian ceremony, which included lighting incense and candles.

Sophie was presented with a traditional Bengali scarf as the conference drew to a close and she prepared to leave India for Qatar.

During her visit Prince Edward's wife has been looking at the work carried out by ORBIS, a charity founded by Englishman Tim Grandage.


Wednesday saw the Queen's daughter-in-law meet with orphaned children living on the streets of Kolkata and plant a tree in the grounds of the ITC Sonar Kolkata Hotel.

On Thursday Sophie visited the charity's flying eye hospital, a DC-10 plane that brings surgery to those living in poverty-stricken areas, where she watched a man receive cataract surgery and tried her hand at the operation using a simulator.


The mother-of-two later met again with the man whose surgery she had witnessed to speak to him about his progress since the operation.

While in Qatar Sophie will be introcuded to those who help fund the work carried out by ORBIS in India and Bangladesh.