VIDEO: Prince Harry on South Pole expedition setbacks

Prince Harry and his teammates are on the third day of their charity trek to the South Pole having been delayed by storms – scroll down for video.

Before the 28-year-old royal set off, he spoke to a Help For Heroes team who are attempting to row the Atlantic.

"We've had a few setbacks but we're due to start on Sunday for our 300km walk," the Apache helicopter pilot said. "When do you start?"


"We're due to start on Monday to row 3000 miles which is a little bit further than your walk...," one of the rowers joked.

"Rowing 3000 miles is a hell of a lot easier than walking 300 kilometres by the way," the charming royal laughed.

The rower replied, "Yes, especially if you've got a broken toe I can imagine that's true."

The Prince was in good spirits and sporting a beard as the short clip was filmed before they set off.


The team are currently experiencing temperatures of around -30C.

One of Harry's teammates Ibi Ali sent an update before day three of the trek.

"Team Glenfiddich are in the lead at least of a couple of kilometres I think, with the US Team just behind us and I think Team Soldier On close by to Team Noom.

"It's been a hard couple of days, since the race started on Sunday, we’re obviously very tired, and haven’t encountered this kind of physical exhaustion anywhere else before.


"The training has been good over the past year, but is not quite the same as pulling pulks weighing 80 to 90 kg over some quite tough terrains and quite extreme conditions.

"I’m sure I speak for all our Team Glenfiddich team mates when I say we are missing all our families and friends in England."

Harry and his Walking for the Wounded teammates planned to complete the 208-mile race to the South Pole by 16 December but they were set back by storms.

Bad weather and high winds left the three groups largely confined to their basic blocks at Novolazarevskaya Station in temperatures of -10C.