VIDEO: Princess Estelle enchanted by the arrival of Christmas trees at the palace

Princess Estelle of Sweden was left wide-eyed after five Christmas trees were delivered at the Royal Palace in Stockholm on Tuesday morning  — scroll down for video.

The adorable one-year-old was overcome with excitement when she and her doting mother Princess Victoria of Sweden met the students delivering the fir trees to the royal household.

Wearing a cute red coat and matching bow hair accessory the little Princess shook the hand of one of one of the tree bearers.


Estelle proved herself to be quite a character as she ditched her mum's hand and chose to toddle off across the room to explore elsewhere.

Since the 1960s the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences have donated Christmas trees to their royal family.

It isn't the first time this Christmas that the public have seen cute Estelle in action at the palace.


Earlier this month Estelle starred in a festive video alongside her mother Victoria and father Prince Daniel.

The cheery trio gathered at the kitchen table for a spot of Christmas baking.

Princess-in-training Estelle sat on her father's knee helping to roll out the gingerbread mixture, tasting it several times as she went.


Amusingly after a while the fun proved too much for Estelle who hopped down from the table and left her parents to finish the cooking.

In another seasonal picture released by the royal family's official website, Estelle is seen celebrating St Lucia's day, sitting astride a pony and dressed as Father Christmas.