Royal Tour: 10 things you might not know about Prince George

Prince George is on his very first official royal tour, and Wednesday he was the guest of honour at a special playdate, put on by family support group Plunket and joining other young children of a similar age.

This is Prince George's second outing following the christening, but what have we learnt about the third-in-line to the throne?


Prince George cuddles in close to mum Duchess of Cambridge

Below HELLO! Online have chosen their ten new favourite Prince George facts:
1: He's very inquisitive

When the future King threw his toy from over his mother’s shoulder, he watched it land and then decided he wanted to pick it up. We also saw the young Prince regularly reach out to other people he had only just met, including other parents.

2: He’s comfortable around cameras

This is particularly useful for a future King who will grow up in the spotlight, but also surprising. This is the first time that Prince George has been around cameras at an age where he will be aware of what is happening, but the eight-month-old looked comfortable simply ignoring the cameras.

3: He likes Kate’s hair

So, just like the rest of the British public! But Prince George is also at an age where anything will capture his attention – and anyone with a young baby will know that hair is one of the first things that a young toddler will grab hold of.

4: He likes to stay up late

During an unveiling of a portrait of Prince George’s great-grandmother, Prince William revealed that his young son is not sleeping through the night just yet. The Duke of Cambridge joked that Prince George is "at his most vocal at 3am".

5: He's just like his dad

This is young George’s first official appearance, and only the fourth time we have seen the third-in-line to the throne – and at eight-months-old, the Prince is the spitting image of his father at the same age. The sweet pictures of the family of three embarking the plane in Wellington brought back memories of when William was about the same age as George is now and accompanied his parents on a trip Down Under.

6: He's good on his feet

Prince George was spotted crawling and happily playing with the toys surrounding him during his first engagement at the playdate. He also showed off his good balancing skills, standing firmly while doting mother the Duchess of Cambridge kept a firm hold of his arms.

7: He's advanced for his age

Prince George also appears further ahead in development than many other eight-month-olds. Many young children at this age are able to hold food and small objects using their thumbs and index fingers. However Prince George was snapped holding heavy toys such as an abacus.

8: He keeps close to his parents

Despite hiring a nanny it is obvious Kate and William are hands-on with their young son. He was happy and comfortable in their arms, and towards the end of the playdate, the tired out Prince snuggled in close to Kate’s neck.

9: He has a good home routine

George has a healthy family routine. As well as spending a lot of time with his extended family, especially his maternal grandparents, dad Prince William admitted that he usually gives his little son his night-time bottle.

10: He's super sociable

Prince George appears to be very sociable – which matches with his Cancer starsign! He tried to engage with the other babies and was relatively successful considering this was his first time with a big group of other children. And there was only one minor incident with a little girl called Paige, who he made cry after grabbing for her toy wooden doll.