Prince Harry 'stole' the idea for the Invictus Games
Prince Harry has revealed he was inspired to create the Invictus Games after seeing a similar sporting competition for wounded servicemen and women in the US.

Harry, who is currently promoting the four-day-long tournament ahead of its launch on 10 September, said he "stole" the idea from the Warrior Games in America.

Speaking to BBC Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans, Harry said the initial concept wasn't his idea, but that he hopes the Invictus Games will be "bigger and better".

Prince Harry is currently promoting the Invictus Games

"[I was] happy to steal it off the Americans I think, is probably the best way of explaining it," he said. "The Americans have had the Warrior Games now for the last four and a half, five years.

"They have the Navy against the R.A.F. against the Army," he added. "We went over there, I had a team of 30 UK guys that joined in with the Americans and basically saw this event take place and decided that it was such a wonderful concept we should steal it, make it bigger, make it better and bring it back home."

Prince Harry spoke to Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans about the Invictus Games

While on his solo tour of the USA in May 2013, Harry was charged with inaugurating the Warrior Games in Colorado.

Never one to watch from the sidelines, the fourth-in-line to the throne got stuck in to a game of sitting volleyball and enjoyed several other of the day's events.

Harry during the Warrior Games in Colorado

During the interview with Chris Harry added that organising the games, which will take place at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in east London, had become his "full-time job".

"The point of them [the Invictus Games] is to use the power of sport to help these guys [injured military members] through rehabilitation," he said. "It's a pathway to allow the wounded back into employment."