Princess Madeleine of Sweden takes daughter Leonore to meet the Pope

Princess Madeleine of Sweden had the honour of meeting with the Pope on Monday, and to mark the special occasion, the royal made it a family affair. Madeleine brought her daughter Leonore to the event, while the princess' mum Queen Silvia and Madeleine's husband Chris O'Neill were also invited.

In keeping with papal tradition, Madeleine and Queen Silvia were dressed in black and partially covered their heads with lace veils.

Only Catholic queens and queen consorts are permitted to wear white in the presence of the Pope, following the privilège du blanc rule.


Chris O'Neill, Princess Madeleine and Princess Leonore arrive at the Vatican City

Arriving at the Vatican City, Madeleine, who is due to give birth to her second baby in June, looked the picture of health and happiness. The pregnant royal glowed and was seen encouraging her little girl to wave at onlookers as they walked by.

During their meeting the Pope was clearly charmed by 14-month-old Leonore, who looked cute as a button in a cream frock and cardigan.

Pope Francis looked particularly charmed by the 14-month-old royal baby

Madeleine, 32, shared a couple of sweet photos of the pair's encounter on Facebook, captioning it: "Three generations of my family met with the Pope today at the Vatican, all of us united in the fight against child trafficking."

The Swedish royal was making reference also to a second meeting scheduled for the afternoon, during which her mother Queen Silvia met the Pontiff.

Princess Leonore was born in January 2014 in New York City where her parents live

Silvia was due to meet with the Pope in private and also open a seminar on human trafficking, with a focus on children, that is being held at the Vatican. The issue is an important one to the reigning monarch, who founded the World Childhood Foundation, also known as Childhood, in 1999.

Silvia's charity aims to protect children from sexual abuse, as well as those who are already victims of it. Her youngest daughter Madeleine has been a keen campaigner of the foundation, and has undertaken work for her mum's organisation in New York City, where Leonore was born and where the family were based for a while.

At the start of the year the couple and their daughter relocated from the Big Apple to Stockholm, where Madeleine will welcome their second baby.