Duchess of Cornwall invites children into her home to decorate Christmas tree

It sounds like the Duchess of Cornwall had a few extra hands to help decorate her Christmas tree this year. The royal threw open the doors to Clarence House, the home that she shares with Prince Charles, to welcome a group of children on Tuesday morning.

The children are supported by two charities that Camilla is a patron of – Helen & Douglas House and The London Taxidrivers' Fund for Underprivileged Children.

The Duchess of Cornwall looked thrilled to have the children in her house

The second group of youngsters arrived in a fleet of black cabs, driven by those who run the charity.

The Duchess holds this sweet tradition every Christmas, and it usually involves putting the finishing touches to the tree followed by lunch at the royal residence.

Spreading the Christmas cheer, Camilla looked thrilled to have the children in her home.

It was the fourth time that youngsters from The London Taxidrivers' Fund for Underprivileged Children have been invited to decorate the tree, and the seventh time for the Helen & Douglas House kids.

The youngsters were from two charities that Camilla supports

Camilla first became patron of Helen & Douglas House in 2007. Helen House was the world's first children's hospice when it opened in 1982, and it was followed by Douglas House which opened in 2004 specifically for young adults aged 16 to 35.

The two houses now care for more than 400 families from Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties, and offer practical and emotional support for patients and family members.

The children helped Camilla put the finishing touches to her Christmas tree

The second charity was The London Taxidrivers' Fund for Underprivileged Children, which Camilla has been a patron of since 2009.

The charity organises day trips for children with special needs, including circus shows, theatre performances and the summer convoy to the seaside as well as a Mad Hatter's Tea Party for 650 children each January.

The charity also gives money to families, children's homes and hospitals for the purchase of toys, communication devices and medical equipment.