Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and their kids kept active with the Pokémon GO craze

Prince Daniel and his family have been catching them all! Sweden's Prince confessed that he and his family have jumped on the Pokémon GO craze. “Our hunting’s been out of control,” Daniel, 43, told the Swedish newspaper the Aftonbladet. “It wasn’t that the children’s gaze never left the screen, but their backsides definitely left the couch."


Daniel said his family has jumped on the Pokémon GO craze Photo: Utrecht Robin ABACA/PA Images


Crown Princes Victoria's husband noted that the game made for a "cool summer," with their two children, four-year-old Princess Estelle and 8-month-old Prince Oscar.

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“I really wanted to understand [Pokémon Go] and check it out,” Daniel, who was the owner of a gym before joining the royal family, continued. “People sometimes criticize the game, but it does get kids active and moving.”

The Swedish Prince says the game gets his family up and moving Photo: Stina Stjernkvist


Daniel and Victoria, 39, discovered the game after eager Pokémon hunters tried to gain access to the grounds of Solliden Palace, where the royal family was vacationing over the summer.

One of the palace's top security guards confirmed that several enthusiasts were seen around the grounds at night with lamps and phones in hand. The official said the guests were welcome to come back during visiting hours to try their hand at becoming the Pokémon master.