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The Rhine in flames - fireworks over Germany's longest river

This Saturday, the annual summer season of pyrotechnical displays over the River Rhine kicks off, offering the chance to see the River Rhine as you have almost certainly never seen it before.

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You're probably too late to witness this, the first of a series of spectacular firework displays programmed between now and mid September, but why not think about planning a getaway to one of the charming towns on the banks of the beautiful gorge through which this famous German river runs?

Decorated boats, picturesque castles, dazzling fireworks in the sky reflected in the dark waters of the Rhine... If you enjoy the unusual, and are looking for a destination for a spectacular trip, some of the towns along the banks of Germany's longest river are set to become prime vantage points to witness this nocturnal extravaganza when thousands of fireworks will be launched from specially decorated boats.

The event, know as Rhein in flammen - the Rhine in flames -  draws tourists from across Germany itself, as well as from all over Europe, and can be witnessed either from the water, aboard one of the boats fitted out for the occasion, or from the shore, where stands are erected along the banks. Stalls selling typical German foods, and bars serving Kolsch, the local speciality beer, complete the picture. 

On Saturday May 7th, the first firework display will take place in Bonn and the next, on July 2nd, will be at Rudesheim; then Koblenz on August 13th, Oberwesel on September 10th, culminating at St Goar on September 17th. The list of dates for Rhein in Flammen offers the chance to enjoy Germany at its best time of year, so why not take time out and explore the many medieval castles and forts, and the historic towns and vineyards along the 65 kilometre stretch of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley from Kaub to Kestert, where the rich cultural landscape has qualified if for UNESCO World Heritage status?

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