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Extravagant Celebrity Gifts

13 DECEMBER 2011


Postgoldforcash.com is one of the UK’s favourite online gold buyers and they love everything that glitters in gold. The perfect place to keep track of the weird and wonderful gold and diamond related artefacts is the celebrity world and celebs can be admired from afar for their inspirational use of the golden commodity.

Giving gifts is wonderful, particularly when you have the budget to be able to splurge on the gift of your choice. Hoards of celebrities seem to have no limits to their gifting budgets and wow with their extravagantly luxurious purchases. So, who have the biggest gift givers been and what did they give to their loved ones?

Britney Spears
Britney is feeling the love right now for boyfriend Jason, but back in the day when she was Mrs K-Fed she was really feeling the bling. For Kevin’s birthday she got him a sparkling Jacob & Co. watch that had diamonds totalling an incredible 71.36 carats. You can bet he would have tried to get some cash for gold offer on that after the split.

Jay –Z
The hip hop superstar splashed out on an entire island for his lovely wife Beyoncé for her 29th birthday with a total price tag of £10 million. That certainly beats a pair of socks and bottle of perfume.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have bought each other beautiful matching gold rings to symbolise their growing love for and commitment to each other. It’s not quite the £250,000 diamond engagement ring she got from Brad, but let’s hope this partnership lasts longer. Still, she can always sell gold for cash if things go belly up and the films stop coming in – very unlikely given the love struck appearance of the couple and Jennifer’s burgeoning career.

Kelly Rowland
Beyoncé is one lucky lady, because best pal Kelly Rowland has bought her a very bling baby bathtub studded with thousands of pink Swarovski crystals. The jewel-encrusted handmade bathtub set the Destiny’s Child star back £3,000.

The average shopper’s budgets may be extremely modest in comparison to the superstar spenders, but the market is very much a seller’s market right now and you can make a very tidy profit on any gold jewellery you have lying around that you no longer want or need. Head over to Postgoldforcash.com for more information on getting cash for gold. If you hurry you might even get that handsome cash payment in time for Christmas and, if not, there are always the January sales to enjoy.


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