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Celeb-inspired gift ideas: sons John and Edward

27 NOVEMBER 2009

From the moment they burst on to our TV screens, the one thing that really stood out about X Factor twins John and Edward was their sky-high hair. So they'd no doubt appreciate some men's hair straighteners for Christmas to help keep on achieving their look.

To practise their singing skills at home, they're also sure to love a karaoke set, which plugs into a computer and gives access to 6,000 songs.

And judging by the selection of eye-catching footwear the duo sported on the TV talent show, a pair of cool three-tongued trainers would make a welcome addition to their wardrobe.

  • GHD mini straighteners for men, £109
  • Lucky Voice Karaoke Party Box, £49.95
  • Adidas JS 3 Tongue, £150
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