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Celeb-inspired gift ideas: daughter Miley Cyrus

01 DECEMBER 2009

This year Miley Cyrus famously deleted her Twitter account as she was tired of the media turning her tweets into news stories. However, she still posts regular updates on her YouTube channel, so a high-definition portable video camera with an integrated USB would no doubt prove useful for Christmas.

Fans of the singer and actress will know pizza is her favourite food, so what better present than a Stonebake Pizza Oven? It cooks restaurant-quality pizza in ten minutes!


Finally, any pop star worth her salt has her own fragrance. Miley has said she'd love to create one, but just hasn't got round to it yet. In the meantime, then, maybe she'd like to try out a few scent ideas with a design-your-own-fragrance kit.

  • Flip HD Video camera, £154.95
  • Stonebake Pizza Oven, £59.95
  • Design-your-own-fragrance kit, £19.95
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