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Lady GaGa on typically outrageous form for little sister's graduation

09 JUNE 2010

While some performers keep their flamboyant outfits for the stage, the same can't be said for Lady GaGa.

Not even the formal event of her sister's graduation prompted the singer to tone down her look.


The 24-year-old artist was on typically outrageous form – though more covered up than usual – in a lace body suit and conical hat draped in black lace.

And she stood head and shoulders above most of the other guests, thanks to her enormous heelless platforms.

Lady GaGa, real name Stefani Germanotta, had returned to her former school - the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Manhattan's Upper East Side – to see her sister Natali graduate.

GaGa attended the establishment until she was 17.

Natali looks set to follow her big sister into the world of music. She's already had a cameo in her sibling's video for her track Telephone (pictured below), and is taking singing lessons – being paid for by Lady GaGa herself.


The singer's over the top appearance, which she maintains 24/7, is something she takes pride in.

Back in March she had a dig at fellow celebs for failing to take as much care in projecting a glitzy public image.

"You see legendary people taking out their trash, I think it's destroying showbusiness," she said "I'd never give up my wigs and hats for anything."


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