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Daniel Craig goes from Bond to Blonde as he dresses in drag for Women's Day

08 MARCH 2011

He's better known for his sharp suits and action-man roles.

But Daniel Craig has ditched Bond for blonde in a new film to mark International Women's Day.

Dressed in a black and white wrap dress, with a tumbling blonde wig, high heels and makeup the star is virtually unrecognisable.


In the amusing eight-minute film Daniel appears as James Bond before leaving the scene and reappearing as a woman, after M asks him if he's ever put himself in a woman's shoes.

Sam Taylor Wood - the artist-come-director responsible for the critically-acclaimed Nowhere Boy - is the first female director to feature Bond in a film. 

"Despite great advances in women's rights, statistics show that when it comes to the balance of power between the sexes, equality is far from being a global reality," she says.


"We are thrilled that Sam Taylor-Wood, Daniel Craig, Dame Judi Dench and such a prestigious production team agreed to create this powerful short film for EQUALS," says a spokesperson.


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