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Sarah Harding and Tom Crane reveal plans for a wedding like no other

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Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding has spoken about her surprise when her boyfriend of almost five years, Tom Crane, asked her to marry him - and reveals for the first time that she 'pimped up' the engagement ring. 


The 29-year-old singer tells this week’s HELLO! how the 31-year-old DJ got down on one knee as they sat on a beach in the Maldives, as New Year’s Eve fireworks exploded around them. “From about three years into our relationship, I think we both knew we would get married one day,” says Sarah.

“But when the moment came, I wasn’t expecting it at all. And although Tom stumbled over his words a little, I loved that because it was really sweet and heartfelt. He hadn’t rehearsed a big speech - he was saying how he really felt."

Although the couple had talked about tying the knot before, Tom tells how, in the end, his decision to propose was prompted by a ring they’d seen in a jeweller’s on the island earlier that day. “I knew Sarah wanted a central sapphire with diamonds,” he reveals. “There we were, about to see in a New Year in the most romantic place I’ve ever visited, and we spot this beautiful ring. I figured it had to be fate.” 

He made an excuse to disappear long enough to buy the ring, which he kept hidden in his pocket until the moment was right to pop the question. “The New Year’s celebrations were gearing up and Sarah was chattering away, so much so that I had to say to her I the end, ‘Will you just be quiet for a second and listen to me. I pulled the ring out of my pocket, which I was amazed she hadn’t spotted because it was in a big old box - got on one knee and asked her to marry me.” 

However, although she loved the ring, the singer didn’t feel it was “unique” enough for her and the couple sent it to jeweller to the stars Stephen Webster to be “blinged up”. “Kind of a ‘Pimp my ring!’” laughs Sarah. She shows off the new improved version, to which dozens of tiny diamonds have been added, for the first time in HELLO!, saying “I absolutely love it!” 

The couple are planning to tie the knot next summer and reveals the unique feel she wants for the big day and why Cheryl Cole and the rest of her bandmates will not be bridesmaids on the big day. 

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