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From mother to daughter: Celebrity Mother's Day quotes

08 MARCH 2013

Whether they are award-winning actresses, world-class singers or striking supermodels, even the most well-known celebrities need a bit of reassurance sometimes.

And when they want some TLC, often the first person they will turn to is their mums. Mothers are there to offer advice about everything from relationships to careers - and they can always be relied upon to make us feel a little bit better about ourselves after a bad day.

In honour of Mother's Day this Sunday, HELLO! Online has found quotes from some of the biggest stars recalling their favourite memory, either as a mother themselves or as a daughter.



From the normally reticent Kate Moss discussing her "partner in crime" Lila Grace to Beyonce talking about her inspirational mum and Drew Barrymore revealing all about her "risqué" mother, we have the perfect gallery to celebrate the very special relationship between mums and daughters everywhere.

Click on the photos below for HELLO! Online's full gallery of mother and daughter celebrity quotes…


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