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Harry Styles tweets adorable snapshot of himself as a child

10 OCTOBER 2013 Harry Styles has posted the most adorable picture of himself as a youngster.

The One Direction heartthrob took to Twitter to give fans a glimpse into his childhood.

Judging by the reaction on the social media site, the endearing snapshot proved popular with the boy band's fans — the self-called One Directioners — with almost 12,000 retweets in the first minute.



"Story of my Life," wrote Harry, alongside the photo.

Pictured in his younger days, Harry stares wide-eyed at the camera with his bright blue pupils, and looks as if he's about to break into a bigger smile.

The adorable school boy clutches his gold action figure in one hand, and what looks to be the top of his pet dog's head in the other.

Harry sports a red and blue Goofy printed long-sleeve t-shirt, matching the red bedspread that he sits on.


Fans immediately responded to Harry's tweet, with most commenting on his incredible eyes and sweet look.

"@Harry_Styles LITTLE CUTIE PIE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH," screamed one fan through the website, while another commented, "@Harry_Styles HARRY YOU LOOK THE SAME".


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