Design guru Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen is renowned for his flamboyant interiors, and when it comes to the contents of his wardrobe the former Changing Rooms presenter is equally larger than life. The Camberwell School of Art graduate's personal style owes something to the romantic heroes of a bygone era, with ruffled shirts and oversized cuffs featuring prominently.

The father-of-two's long unruly mane completes a look which proves his creative talents aren't limited to wallpaper and paint. "I suppose I've always been a bit loud in my choices," he once confessed. "I'm that bloke with the big hair, the big cuffs and the big collar - it's always been a bit 'look at me'." Laurence says his penchant for the "arty" image goes right back to his days as a schoolboy. "I suppose it was a way of saying you were poetic, not one of the sporty jocks," he explains. "It was a good way of picking up sensitive girls, too!"


Interiors maestro Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen isn't exactly what you'd call a "no-frills" designer


Although he's taken to wearing a slightly more subdued palette of late, the popular presenter brought a blaze of colour to UK screens during the early days of his career

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