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The Sanderson's Chocolate Divinitini Cocktail

Dish type: Cocktails

Back in 2003, chic west-end hotel The Sanderson, launched a unique range of chocolate cocktails made with Divine Chocolate. They are exclusively available to residents only in the Purple Bar. The Divine Chocolate team have been to countless tastings and can guarantee they are out of this world! Worth staying at the Sanderson for!


4 cubes of melted Divine Milk Chocolate
1 slice of orange
Dash of Grand Marnier
Dash of dark Creme de Cacao
1 fl oz Wyborowa orange vodka
1 fl oz pure vodka


Melt Divine Milk Chocolate, then shake it together with Wyborowa orange and pure vodka, Gran Marnier, creme de cacao and a crushed slice of orange. Serve in a chilled martini glass with pansy garnish.

Photography by Lisa Barber


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