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Ageing mistakes the stars don’t make: A-list tips for a more youthful face


Red lipstick is a true classic, but if you leave it heavy and flat, it can be ageing. Go for sheer colours or add gloss for a more youthful finish like Scarlett 


It's important not to go overboard when making up dramatic eyes like Cheryl's - if you like false lashes and lots of liner, pare down the eyeshadow

05 AUGUST 2009

With teams of stylists and beauty experts, it’s easy for celebs to look ever youthful. But there are plenty of tips we can pinch from their make-up routines to help us all hold back the years…

Scarlett Johansson loves…
Red lips. ‘When matte lipstick is layered on with liner and a lipbrush, it looks dated, not retro, and the texture's too flat to bring any life to the face,' says make-up artist Aimee Adams. Scarlett knows it's far sexier to focus on lips with a sheer pop of colour and plenty of gloss to reflect light.

Miranda Kerr loves…
Highlighted cheekbones. 'When you’re slender, applying blusher under the cheekbones can make the face look drawn, which is ageing,’ says make-up artist Fiona Jolly. ‘Wear it high – along and above the cheekbones instead.’

Cheryl Cole loves…
Dramatic eyes. 'A young face with too much make-up loses some of its youth – like it's got something to hide,' says Fiona. 'False eyelashes with lashings of mascara on top, rimmed with black eyeliner and then loaded with eyeshadow… it's too much for young skin to carry without looking heavy, hidden and prematurely aged. Instead, go for big, outlined lashes, but not with loads of shadow as well. If full-on eyeshadow is your idea of high-octane glamour, however, at least use liner in a contrasting colour – plum or metallic grey – so it doesn't all blend together for a layered-on look and go for a simple, blendable shadow that can be simply smudged on with fingers.'

Sarah Harding loves…
Fake tan. 'New tan sticks to old tan,' points out Lisa Fulton of Fake Bake. 'It becomes patchy, making skin look dry and old, and settles into wrinkles. So you have to exfoliate properly before reapplying. Use a body brush on dry skin and then an exfoliator in the shower or bath. And maintain it or it starts to look 'cracked' and leathery. Use only a light moisturiser, though – body butters and thick creams that contain oils can strip the colour.'

Alex Curran loves…
Defined brows. 'The lower down the eyebrows come, the more hooded they make the eyes appear - and then the whole face looks tired,' says Fiona. 'Brush an old mascara over the skin beneath the eyebrows to highlight the fine, stray hairs that are difficult to catch when you're plucking, but which make the line of the eyebrow look thicker. Or, if you have your hair professionally coloured, ask your colourist to stroke through a little bleach because darker brows with light hair look particularly heavy,


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