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Killer brows – and Nicola Robert’s ahead of the trend


Nicola nails the trend coming through from London Fashion Week for heavily defined brows 


It was Girls A-browed (sorry!) this London Fashion Week as Nicola Roberts nailed a trend coming through from some of the shows with her heavy eyebrows.

In an apparent backlash against the barely there-brow that was being predicted in the early summer – mainly as a result of ad campaigns from many of the major fashion houses in which models’ brows had either been removed or bleached - Mark West, Poltock & Walsh and Todd Lynn went in the opposite direction, with the brows as the main feature of the face.

It doesn’t mean thick brows are back – rather, these brows are simply neat and overly defined.

Which means brows still need to be shaped and well groomed, but filled in to the max.

Brush an old mascara wand over brows to pick out stray hairs that need plucking.

Then go to town on colouring in the rest.

The Body Shop does a great Brow & Liner Kit, £9.75, which contains two complementary shades of shadow and a brush, as well as Brow Definer, £7.30 soft waxy eyebrow pencil.

Both come in blonde/auburn, brunette/brown, dark-brown/black.


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