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Adele 5 May 1988

Taurus forecast for Tuesday 23 July 2014

'I've been down so flipping long, that it seems like up to me.' So goes the old song by The Doors. More or less. I have bowdlerised the lyrics here. Ah, Jim Morrison. One of the first generation of rock rebels. He lived too fast, he died too young. But he made a very valid point in that musical number. Down and up are relative - and interrelated. Generally speaking, when you go in either direction it is never long before something changes and you start going back the other way. You are now watching a down turn into an up.

On July 26th, Mars moves into a new zodiac sign and this is good news for us all. Give me your birth details and let me compile for you a personal 'Guide to the Future' so you can identify the areas of your life that are about change and make the most of them. Right now there is a 20% discount. Download your Guide to the Future here.

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