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Victoria Beckham 17 April 1974

Aries forecast for Friday 18 September 2014

Children get subjected to all sorts of tests. How smart are they? How much can they remember? Can they read and write? Are they good at sport? Are their minds more suited to science or art? Yet nobody sets exams in the most important subjects of all to adults and youngsters alike? How kind are you? Do you have a light, easy demeanour? Do you skip lightly through life or trudge around in the heavy boots of responsibility? Today, if you try, you can pass the happiness test! You'll find it's the only one that counts!

There's only a few days until the September Equinox and every day until then you can claim 20% off any of the birth-charts I offer. Give me your birth details and I'll tell you something amazing about your future and yourself! Download your discounted chart here.

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